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Comic I Read: Joker: New 52: Issue 1

Plot: The Joker recalls his childhood as he raises a gorilla.  

Review: There is an unspoken rule in comics that no author should ever break:  DON’T TRY TO EXPLAIN THE JOKER! That’s not to say it hasn’t been broken but the problem is that it never works.  The Joker is one of the only characters that benefits from mystery.  Nothing that we could possibly know about him is more interesting than what we think he might be. Even when Alan Moore showed his origins, he ended with the Joker stated “I don’t even know who I was anymore.”  Even the Joker not knowing about his origins helps his “charms” so to speak. 

So a issue showing his childhood is already on an uphill battle.  Other than that the issue is fine, but the reasoning that The Joker was the victim of child abuse feels hollow. It makes the Joker too easy of a puzzle piece so it never works.  

The Joker is the rare character that doesn’t need to be explored.  He just is. 

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